Enhancing approach for information security in Hadoop


Keywords: Hadoop


This article by Yogesh Awasthi (Email: dryogeshawasthi@lfu.edu.krd) has been retracted (i.e. withdrawn from the press) due to violating our Publication Ethics:

  • plagiarism of text from the previously published article titled "Enhancing Approach Using Hybrid Pailler and RSA for Information Security in Bigdata" Shadan Mohammed Jihad ABDALWAHID, Raghad Zuhair YOUSIF, Shahab Wahhab KAREEM in the journal "Applied Computer Science" (2019. Т. 15, № 4. http://acs.pollub.pl/pdf/v15n4/6.pdf);
  • publishing of the same article by Yogesh Awasthi and Ashish Sharma "Enhancing Approach for Information Security in Hadoop" in "Journal of Information Technology and Computer Engineering" (2020. Т. 4, № 1. https://doi.org/10.25077/jitce.4.01.5-9.2020 ).


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