Aims and Scope

Ukrainian Journal of Educational Studies and Information Technology - peer-reviewed journal devoted to modern information technologies and actual problems of education.

The journal publishes original articles that present the results of thorough research, and provides an open platform that meets the needs of the scientific community to obtain new information.

The journal presents different issues of modern professional education, the results of theoretical or experimental studies in the field of pedagogic, preferring such main directions:

  • using ICT in any educational domain: in professional training, in research, in management of education etc.;
  • scientific, methodical, organizational and technological problems of educational software development and use in the educational institutions;
  • current trends of professional education;
  • interrelation of professional training with other sciences;
  • didactics of professional education;
  • theory and methodology of teaching disciplines in professional education;
  • the didactic basics of educational technologies while studying certain subjects in professional education;
  • standardization and quality management in professional education;
  • psychological and pedagogical principles of professional development of future specialists;
  • scientific, methodical and organizational problems of permanent training and retraining of specialists in computer science, future teachers for secondary and higher school;
  • scientific, methodical, organizational and technological problems of ICT specialists training system adaptation to requirements of the modern labor market.

The journal invites scientists, experienced practitioners and beginners to discuss the theory and practice of education and information technology, and interdisciplinary problems.