Development of school biological education in Ukraine: retrospective and present

  • Nina Novykova Communal Institution of Lviv Region Council "Lviv Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education", Lviv, Ukraine
Keywords: school biological education, development, periodization, methodology, synergetics, systemic, holistic approach


The necessity of introducing a new paradigm of educational and pedagogical activity in Ukraine is outlined: the accumulation of a large number of factual data in the natural sciences required new general-scientific logic-methodological approaches, which includes a systematic (system-structural) approach, therefore it is important to study the components (elements) of the system and their interaction. The system vision of wildlife has confirmed the universality, the importance of all levels of organization of the living: molecular genetic, cellular, organism (ontogenetic), populational-species, biogeocoenic-biosphere.

The methodology of the study of school biological education in the aspect of orientation of the European direction of educational development, in particular the use of synergetic, systemic-structural and holistic approaches, is considered. The methodology of pedagogy includes principles and methods of cognition in pedagogical theory and practice During the time of Ukraine's independence, the target orientation of education, its didactic support, and new methodological principles have been transformed. in the conduct of research it is necessary to consider in the relationship of philosophical methodology, psychological and pedagogical methodology and specific methodology (methodology of the topic under study).

The study of the development of school biological education as a holistic pedagogical system involves its multicomponent (target, content, procedural, gnostic-professional and analytical-productive) with new methodological approaches to its study. The school system of education should ensure the full mastery of the students of the foundations of science, the formation of a scientific picture of the world, an understanding of the need for a careful attitude to nature, man and the values that she created, skills and abilities to act in non-standard situations. The solution of these tasks is aimed at further improving the content of school education, the search for new technologies that would improve the efficiency of the educational process. The essence of levels of scientific knowledge is revealed; the holistic model of school biological education as the basis for its periodization in Ukraine during the XX - the beginning of the XXI century was proposed. The peculiarities of changes on each of the four periods and corresponding stages of the system of school biological education in the socio-economic, scientific-pedagogical and methodical aspects are analyzed. The general tendencies of school biology are revealed.

Author Biography

Nina Novykova, Communal Institution of Lviv Region Council "Lviv Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education", Lviv, Ukraine

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (Ph. D.), Associate Professor, Head of Department of Natural and Mathematics Education


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