Designing a site-directory of web resources for a teacher of informatics

Keywords: site-directory, designing, interface, web design, information architecture


The article is devoted to the study of the process of creating and designing a site-catalogue of modern web resources for its usage by informatics teacher in his professional activities. Site Directory is a site that contains structured links that lead to other web resources and their short description. Web resources offer wide opportunities for a teacher and students, give access to a large array of relevant diverse information, and its rapid exchange during the lessons of computer science. The article covers the analysis of such concepts as "designing", "information architecture", "style in the design of the site". There were analyzed the draft order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and sites that promote the preparation of teachers for lessons, get them acquainted with modern information and communication technologies in education. The general theoretical foundations of web site creation are considered: their types, structure, methods of data storage and processing. Besides, the key principles of designing web resources are described. The information architecture and its components are described in detail. The design process is described in the general sense as well as one of the stages of creating a website. Proper attention has been paid to the study of web design, its principles and features, and the user interface; its main elements, components and structural blocks and rules of their use were considered. The practical significance of this study is that it can be used for a full design a website-catalog of web resources for informatics teachers.


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