Training of future specialists in economics with the help of online service LearningApps

Keywords: interactive exercises, online service LearningApps, preparation of future specialists in economic specialties, information and communication technologies


Increasing the motivation of students, involving them in interaction within the educational process allows educators to improve the quality of learning, to form the necessary competences. It is proved that interactive learning technologies have a great potential of learning and development, provide maximum activity of participants of the educational process, optimal learning time and its effectiveness. The article introduces the use of interactive exercises developed through the LearningApps online service. LearningApps is a Web 2.0 application for supporting learning and teaching processes with small interactive modules. Those modules can be used directly in learning materials, but also for self-studying. LearningApps is a constructor for creating interactive tasks using a variety of templates that can be used in student learning. The LearningApps interactive environment has the ability to receive and embed an HTML code to place interactive tasks on website pages, teachers'and students' blogs. Using LearningApps allows a teacher to prepare a variety of didactic materials on the Internet that can be used on smartphones, multimedia boards, computers and other devices. The article presents interactive exercises in economic disciplines that encourage students to study, gain knowledge, skills and experience actively. A brief description of the use of LearningApps online tasks such as Find Words, First Million, Find Pairs, Puzzles, Fill in the Gaps, Crossword, and Race for Future Economics Professionals is given. The main benefits of using interactive exercises developed with LearningApps are outlined.


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